Top 5 destinations to mingle for the newly single

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People tend to forget that there’s always a rainbow after the rain, especially when they go through a heartbreak or worse, a divorce. While the Internet mourns , we choose to look at the silver lining instead.

Being alone doesn’t necessarily translate to being lonely; on the contrary, it gives you a chance to step back, do things you’ve always wanted to do by yourself, and visit places you’ve only ever dreamt of visiting before. Zuji Singapore looks at the top five destinations best suited for the newly single, each place brimming with its own uniqueness and secrets just waiting to be discovered.

1. Las Vegas, USA


What better way to tap on your newly found freedom than to step into the glitzy Sin City, guaranteed to keep you entertained ’round the clock? Unleash pent-up emotions and channel them on off-road desert adventures, wallet-friendly outlet shopping, swanky casinos, clubs, and world-class dining at it’s celebrity-chef restaurants.

Vegas has it all for the newly single and besides, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Just try to avoid the infamous quickie marriage scene.

2. Goa, India


If dancing barefoot at the beachfront clubs fits your groove, then head over to India to pamper yourself at one of Goa’s best beaches.

Goa is not known as a beach party central and a hippie paradise for nothing. The vast stretches of beaches and waterfront bars make it a hit for any lonely old soul ready to kickback under the sun.

The city is also filled with exquisite, Instagrammable Portuguese-inspired architecture that are absolutely breath-taking such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. The Bahamas


With over 2,000 sprawling islands and cays, you will be spoilt for choices and a fail-proof itinerary at the pristine Bahamas. Dip your toes into the world-famous pale pink sands at Harbour Island or lose yourself at Treasure Cay Beach, voted one of the region’s top 10, thanks to its sugar-soft sand and crystal-clear waters.

Can you hear the waves calling out to you yet?

4. South Korea


Go on, indulge in the buzzing food scene and give in to the temptation of that spicy fried chicken or steaming bibimbap – no partner’s going to judge your waistline.

5. Melbourne, Australia


Spend quality time with yourself and grab a cup of locally brewed coffee, also voted world’s best-in one of its famous hidden alleyways. Make sure you set aside time to do some café-hopping to try the endless selection of mouth-watering desserts and warm pastries, and unwind at end the day at one of its rooftop bars.

Out with the old, in with the new. Whether you choose to dance your troubles away, take a pause to reflect your life goals, or immediately jump back to the market to find your next love story, the world is right there waiting for you to explore.

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